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JFF Tours Gift Registry Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Honeymoon/Anniversary Gift Registry?
It is a way to give couples or individuals a place to register their entire trip or honeymoon online. It works just like a wedding registry – the couple would like to receive parts of their trip or honeymoon experience as gifts. Instead of buying a crock-pot you can choose a "Sunset Cruise" or instead of a toaster oven, you can give them part of their "Nights Stay on the Honeymoon." Or “First Night Away”. The couple has listed their 'Trip or Honeymoon Wishes'. The cost of each experience is broken down into segments for friends and family to purchase as a gift.
Why should we give something from this gift registry?
The individual or couple has decided to use a gift registry so they can pre-plan what they will be able to do on their trip or honeymoon. They have chosen to use a registry so that they know ahead of time how much they can spend on their trip and contact the suppliers to book the things they would like to do. It is important to them to be able to make reservations for those special experiences before they leave.
Why not just give them money at the wedding or reception?
Receiving envelopes of cash or checks the day before they leave for their trip or honeymoon will not allow them to pre-plan & make reservations ahead. This service allows the individual or couple to pre-book the activities they would like to do on their trip or honeymoon and to have an accurate accounting of all gifts received. This service allows you to give something that the individual or couple really wants and will cherish forever – you will be remembered for helping make their dreams come true!
What is the service fee for?
The processing fee allows us to offer a secure website, keep a complete accounting for the recipient, process gift certificates, accept credit cards, and most importantly, this keeps it free for the individual or couple. It also eliminates other typical registry costs, such as gift-wrap charges, delivery charges, etc. We understand that your time is valuable so we provide the gift card, to the recipient, of your purchase. The gift registry saves you time with the comfort and convenience of purchasing a gift from your home or office. Also, there is no hassle of returning or exchanging unwanted gifts.
Three easy steps:
1) Select the gift(s) that you wish to purchase. Click on Add to Cart after each selection.
2) Enter the quantity that you wish to purchase. More than one item can be added by returning to the Select a Gift page using the Continue Shopping Button. Click on Proceed to Checkout.
3) On the Check Out page, enter your personal information along with your credit card information using our secure PayPal account. Click on Review Order & Continue to complete your purchase.
You will receive an email confirmation of your purchase once it has been processed. (Please allow 24 hours for processing).
JFF Tours, Inc. will notify the couple of your purchase.
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